How to Dye Whites of Boiled Eggs

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Things You'll Need

  • Hard boiled eggs

  • Food coloring

  • Knife

  • Cutting board

  • Paper towels

  • Glass containers

Children of all ages enjoy dyeing eggs during the Easter holidays, and the colorful ovals serve many fun purposes from eating to hiding. However, once you remove the outer shell of the egg, the inside of the egg is still plain, old white and yellow -- just like any other day of the year. Spice up your next Easter gathering with hard boiled eggs that are dyed on the inside, and let them add pizazz to your tabletop.


Step 1

Hard boil as many eggs as you would like to serve. Once the eggs are cooked, remove the shells and discard them.


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Step 2

Cut the eggs in half using the knife and cutting board. Scoop out the yolks and reserve them to eat or use in another recipe. You can also leave the eggs whole, if you desire.


Step 3

Fill glass containers about half-full of water, and then add food coloring to each one to get the shades you desire. Adjust the amount of food coloring, depending on the intensity of the color you desire.


Step 4

Place the eggs or egg halves in the water, making sure that the entire surface of each egg is covered. Let the eggs sit at least one hour until you achieve the desired effect.


Step 5

Remove the eggs from the water and place them onto paper towels to dry. Once they are dry, use the eggs for other recipes or serve them they are.


To make colorful deviled eggs, use the yolks to prepare your favorite deviled egg filling, adding food coloring to the final product. Fill the colored egg white halves with deviled yolk filling in contrasting colors to create a multicolored effect.

You can also make tie-dyed eggs by using a small gauge syringe to poke a hole in the egg before you boil it. Use the syringe to suck out some of the egg white, and then add food coloring to the syringe to inject the inside with color. Swirl the coloring around inside the egg with the needle, and then hard boil the eggs as usual. When you crack open the eggs, they will have a tie-dyed appearance.



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