How to Make Spinners

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Things You'll Need

  • Scrap paper

  • Cardstock paper or cardboard

  • Ruler and protractor

  • Construction paper

  • Markers, coloring pencils or crayons

  • Paper eyelets

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Hole puncher

A spinner is used in many board games to decide, by chance, the next move of each player. In the game Twister, spinners tell players on which color to place which arm or leg, and in the game of Life the spinner tells the players how many spaces to move. Making your own spinner for a board game or as a replacement for another game is a simple project that even the smallest crafters can complete easily.


Step 1

Decide what you want your spinner to look like and what you want it to include. Sketch out a design on a sheet of scrap paper and determine what each section on your spinner stands for or directs players to do. You may want to use numbers to direct the amount of moves, or words to describe game actions.

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Step 2

Cut the card stock or cardboard down to the size you want. You may choose to use a rectangle, triangle, square or circle. Use the ruler or protractor to make the spinner board evenly sized.

Step 3

Measure even sections with a ruler or protractor. Take a marker and draw lines to separate each section on the spinner board. Color the sections or glue construction paper pieces on top of the sections. Have extra supplies ready in case you need to start over if your spinner board does not turn out even or how you planned.


Step 4

Use markers, coloring pencils, pens, or crayons to write directions or numbers on each section. Scrapbook stickers may also be used to make your spinner look neater. If possible, you may even print out your own labels with numbers or directions.

Step 5

Cut an arrow out of the cardboard or cardstock paper and color as desired. You may use a piece of plastic or the spinner arrow from an old game board if applicable. Punch a hole in the center of the spinner board and the spinner arrow.


Step 6

Align the two holes and place the eyelet to hold the pieces together. Assemble the eyelet loosely so that the arrow will spin around easily when flipped.


Protect the spinner board and spinner arrow with plastic laminate before assembling with the eyelet.


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