How to Make Jewelry Boxes From Cigar Boxes

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Things You'll Need

  • Empty cigar box

  • Lining material: fabric, paper, craft foam

  • Material for dividers

  • Decorating material: fabric, paper, paint, trimmings

  • Hardware: hinges, clasp (optional)

  • Craft glue

  • Scissors

An empty cigar box is ready to become a jewelry box.

Dress up an empty cigar box to create a personalized jewelry box to give or keep. Decorative options abound for creative expression. Both wooden and paperboard cigar boxes form suitable bases.


Step 1

Clean the empty cigar box thoroughly. Place a cotton ball soaked in vinegar on a waterproof surface (such as a jar lid) inside the box overnight to help reduce the cigar odor.

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Step 2

Spray-paint the exterior of the box, if desired. Dry thoroughly before proceeding.


Step 3

Measure the interior of the box for the lining. Create a template of paper. Measure the length and width of the bottom and height of the sides. Use the pattern to cut the lining material.

Step 4

Attach the lining to the interior with a small amount of craft glue, taking care to avoid drips. Air-dry thoroughly.


Step 5

Decorate the exterior as desired: • Attach trimmings such as craft gems, ribbons, charms or stickers. • Use bits of colored paper or stone to create a mosaic design. • Paint a picture using acrylic paint. • Add beads to the bottom corners to form feet. • Decoupage a favorite picture to the lid. • Use uncooked macaroni in various shapes to make interesting textures.


Step 6

Construct dividers from heavy cardboard or balsa wood strips. Create a grid by cutting a notch through half the width of the strip on the pieces that will interlock. Slide the pieces together at the notches. Weekly pill sorter trays (available at most grocery stores and pharmacies) work well as dividers for small items such as earrings or tie tacks.

Step 7

Add hardware as desired. Secure dividers inside.


Complete spray-painting before lining the interior to avoid damaging the lining with overspray or drips. Substitute purchased cardboard or wooden craft boxes if cigar boxes are not available.


Use restraint when painting boxes. Too much paint can cause warping.



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