How to Throw The Ultimate Diaper Party

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Things You'll Need

  • Depending on the options you choose you many need one or all of the following

  • Beer

  • Food

  • Bar

  • Horse shoes

  • Foot ball

  • Basket ball and hoop

  • Washers (any other men activity you can think of)

  • It is that simple

What is a diaper party? Well the diaper party is the man's version of a baby shower, with a bachelor party twist. There are many ways you can do this. Typically they are located at the bar, although you can do it at the same place as the baby shower. The guys can be in the den watching the football game or in the yard grilling the food for everyone to eat.


The only real rule to a diaper party is that every guest has to bring a bag of diapers. Simple right. Well this will help you will some ways of throwing the party and staying in budget.

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Step 1

First thing you need to do is get with the person planning the baby shower. This might be your wife so it is pretty simple. But if it isn't then you need to find out who it is and ask them when and where they are planning it.

Step 2

If the person throwing the party is doing it at their house then you need to ask them if it is okay if you throw a diaper party in their back yard. If they ask tell them. Make sure they know that you plan to bring alcohol. (If you don't drink then bring other drinks)

Step 3

Let them know that you are planning on providing Bar B Que for the men to cook while they are out there.


Step 4

If the person throwing the baby shower has agreed to do this ask them if they can put a note in the invitation about the diaper party and that all men are to bring a bag of diapers.

Step 5

If the person throwing the baby shower has not agreed to the party and your house is free that is even better because you don't have to take anything any where. Just ask the person throwing the shower to add that into the invitation. In case the person doing it is a real you know what you might end up having to send out your own which a man's invitation is typically just word of mouth so you are fine on that one.


Step 6

Once you have gotten the place decided you need to figure out it you are going to provide the alcohol or if you are doing **** (Bring your own beer) Probably better if you are doing it at home to provide it for them. If you are doing it at the bar then you should pay for the first round and then everyone else pays for their own.


Step 7

After you do that you need to tell your wife that you need Bar B Que food. Or if she is the one throwing the shower then you need to give her a break and go get it yourself. You are the master Quer anyway so go do your thing.

Step 8

After everyone has started to arrive you are on your own. Make sure that you have everything out for them to do. Basketball, football, a radio with the game on or if at all possible you could move the tv to the patio for them to watch the game while they are out there. Just make sure it isn't going to rain.


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