How to Make Your Own Kazoo

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Things You'll Need

  • Empty Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Tubes

  • Wax Paper

  • Rubber Bands or Cellophane Tape

  • Scissors

Next time you need a rainy day activity for the kids, teach them how to make their own kazoos. It's simple enough for children of any age to do. Sure, the end result may be a bit noisy, but if the children are already stuck inside, chances are they're probably making noise anyway. At least you'll enjoy some peace during the time it takes them to make their musical instruments--a process you can lengthen by having them decorate their kazoo pieces before combining them.


Step 1

Cut several squares of wax paper about 2 inches by 2 inches. Cut as many as you need to make as many kazoos as you desire.

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Step 2

Place a square of wax paper over the end of a cardboard tube and bend the paper to cover the end of the tube.


Step 3

Secure a rubber band over the edges of the wax paper to hold it tight against the tube, or use cellophane tape to seal the wax paper to the tube.

Step 4

Poke a hole with the scissor in the side of the tube near the wax paper. The hole should be no bigger in diameter than a pencil.

Step 5

Blow into the open end of the tube with a full, throaty breath to make the distinctive kazoo sound.


Let an adult use the scissors to poke holes in the cardboard tubes.



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