How to Make Cubism Art

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper

  • Pencil

  • Eraser

  • Colored pencils

Make Cubism Art

Cubism is an art movement that started in the early 20th century. The founders of the movement were Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Cubism is full of geometric angles and shapes, and the picture itself it flattened almost to the point of two-dimensionality. The piece will usually have a tangible sense of movement. The artwork is not meant to be realistic; it displays multiple shots of movement or viewpoints in one painting. Teach your kids about this groundbreaking art movement with these few steps. The basic principles are easy to master, and everyone can make cubist art.


Step 1

Draw a few large geometric shapes over the surface of the paper.

Step 2

Add a few smaller geometric shapes between the larger ones.


Step 3

Fill in the remaining space with more geometric shapes until it is filled to your liking.

Step 4

Looking at an object (such as a still life, fruit, friend, flowers, animal), start drawing the parts in the various shapes on the paper.


Step 5

Continue until the object is completely drawn (It is supposed to look like it is broken up.).

Step 6

Start outlining the object and the edges of a few shapes with black.


Step 7

Start coloring the main object in your desired colors.

Step 8

Color in the background with a lighter color and add a little more black if desired.


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