How to Use a Quilling Board

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Things You'll Need

  • Quilling paper

  • Adhesive

  • Quilling tool

  • Quilling board

  • Tweezers

Quilling is the art of rolling thin strips of paper into shapes which are used to make two or three dimensional pieces of art. The crafter or artist rolls a number of circular shapes and secures the exterior end with adhesive. The tight or loosely coiled rounds are then pinched or manipulated into other shapes such as ovals, squares, diamonds and hearts. A quilling board is an asset when you are making a project that requires a variety of shaped pieces that are all the same size.


Step 1

Cut a strip of quilling paper according to the shape instructions.

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Step 2

Roll the paper on your quilling tool in a tight coil as the directions state. An experienced quiller may use only the fingers to coil the quill.


Step 3

Place the quill down on to the recessed circular shape on the quilling board. The shape will uncoil a bit and the recessed circle will allow it to be the exact size that you need.

Step 4

Adhere the small end of the paper to the side of the round and let the glue dry. Lift the quill out with tweezers and pinch it into shape with your fingertips.


Step 5

Pin the pattern of the design you are making to the flat cork board on the quilling board. (This may be in the center or the other side of the board.)

Step 6

One by one, place the quill shapes onto the pattern. Push straight pins down into the gaps of a quill and into the cork on the board to hold the shapes in place. Adhere the quills to one another as instructed.


Place a piece of wax paper over the pattern to protect the quilling board surface when preparing to glue the shape together.

Leave the quilled creation pinned to the quilling board until completely dry.


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