How to Make Dogs Out of Beads

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Things You'll Need

  • Beaded necklace or string of 21 beads

  • Scissors

Dog Bead Diagram

At parades like Mardi Gras or St. Patrick's Day, plastic beaded necklaces are plentiful. And while they are fun to catch at the time, it can be hard to find uses for all these beaded necklaces once you get home. All sorts of things can be made out of these beaded necklaces, such as small dogs. If you do not have a plastic beaded necklace, simply string a line approximately 6 to 7 inches long with small plastic beads in your desired color. You will need only 21 beads. Tie the ends together to secure.


Step 1

Unclasp your beaded necklace. Cut your necklace into a piece 21 beads long. If you do not have a beaded necklace, string 21 beads together. Before and after you attach each bead, tie a knot in the string to keep the bead in place.

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Step 2

Cut your string of beads into three more pieces: one that is 9 beads long and three that are each 4 beads long.


Step 3

Twist one 4-bead piece onto the 9-bead piece, behind the second bead on the chain. The first bead on the 9-bead piece will be the nose, the second will be the top of the face and the rest will be the dog's body. The piece you attach in this step will be the ears.

Step 4

Attach one 4-bead piece onto the 9-bead piece by twisting in place behind the fifth bead in the chain. This will be the front set of paws for your dog.


Step 5

Repeat step 4, twisting the last 4-bead piece behind the sixth bead on the 9-bead length. This will be the back set of paws. The remaining length will be the dog's tail.

Step 6

Use the rest of the plastic beaded necklace to make more so you can have a whole pack of bead dogs.



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