How to Make Sesame Oil

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Things You'll Need

  • Blender

  • White sesame seeds

  • Peanut oil

  • Spoon

  • Cup

  • Bowl

  • Plastic wrap

Approximately 2 cups of sesame seeds will yield 2 tablespoons of sesame oil.
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Sesame oil, also called gingelly or til oil, works both as a cooking oil and a flavoring for Chinese dishes. The type and depth of flavor of the sesame oil depend partially on whether the sesame seeds have been toasted. White seeds yield a light oil, while toasted seeds produce a darker oil with a more pronounced taste. Blended sesame seeds make tahini paste, which is widely used in Middle Eastern cooking, but you can harvest the oil to use for other dishes.


Step 1

Add 1 teaspoon peanut oil for each 2 cups of white sesame seeds you put in the blender. Turn the blender on to medium and blend until smooth.

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Step 2

Pour the mixture into a bowl and allow it to sit for 1 hour. The sesame oil will rise to the top of the mixture.


Step 3

Lay a spoon on top of the mixture so the oil flows into it. Spoon the oil out into a cup or jar.

Step 4

Seal the cup or jar and store the sesame oil in the refrigerator.


Make sure you close the blender's lid carefully before you turn it on.


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