How to Make Wax Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Iron

  • Towel

  • White crayons

  • Tissue paper

Wax paper is waterproof and is often used for food storage and crafts. The wax applied to the paper prevents moisture from penetrating. It is simply made in factories in bulk amounts. Follow these directions and you can make small quantities of wax paper for use in crafts. These directions use white crayons as the source of wax. There are different types of wax available at many craft stores that could be substituted, but crayons and an inexpensive choice.


How to Make Wax Paper

Step 1

Plug in and heat an iron. Be sure that there is no water in the water well of the iron. Use an old iron that you do not intend to use on clothes in the future

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Step 2

Set up an ironing board and cover it with a towel.


Step 3

Cut one sheet of tissue paper in half and place the smoothed sheet on the towel. Iron the tissue paper to further smooth it out.

Step 4

Peel the paper off of the white crayon. While holding the iron over the tissue paper, carefully bring the crayon against the iron. The crayon will begin to melt. Allow the melted wax to drip onto the tissue paper.


Step 5

Iron over the paper to spread the dripped wax and to apply the wax that has stuck to the iron. Repeat steps four and five until the entire front surface of the tissue paper is covered. You may also repeat steps four and five to cover the entire back of the tissue paper, although this is not necessary for many crafts. You now have homemade wax paper that is suitable for many crafting projects.


If you prefer colored wax paper you can substitute colored tissue paper or colored crayons. Remember that the color can bleed onto other surfaces.


This is not an activity for young children.

Beware of burns from the iron and the hot wax.



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