How to Cook Goat Meat

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While goat meat may sound exotic, it is the most widely eaten red meat in the world. Goat meat can be prepared in the same ways as lamb and, when young, has a delicate and grassy flavor. Because it's a lean meat, you need to take care to prepare goat meat according to the cut of meat for the most success and to prevent dry, stringy or tough meat.


Goat Meat Basics

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Preparation methods for goat meat rely heavily on the cut of meat being used. While tender cuts such as legs, ribs, loins and breasts work well when roasted, broiled or fried, less tender cuts, such as shanks and stew meat, are most suitable for slow cooking with liquid, such as in stews. As with many types of meat, searing the surface of goat meat until it is uniformly browned enhances the finished meat's taste and texture.

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Braising Goat Meat

A larger cut of goat meat, such as a leg or roast, benefits from a slow braising in the oven. Sear the meat on the stovetop first to brown its exterior, and make a sauce from the pan drippings, flour and seasonings such as garlic, onions and shallots. Add the meat and sauce to a casserole dish and cook slowly in the oven at 320 degrees Fahrenheit for about two hours, or until the meat is tender and falling from the bone. Add a dash of red wine to the sauce before cooking for a more complex finish, or add some chopped root vegetables to the dish for a complete meal.


Slow-Cooking Goat Meat

Because goat can develop a tough texture easily, slow cooking helps keep the meat tender, especially when cooking tougher cuts such as stew meat and shanks. Use a slow cooker or a large pot to slowly stew goat meat over several hours to develop a falling-off-the-bone goat meat. Make goat meat curry or a tomato-based stew to enhance the flavor of the goat meat. While two hours is generally enough on the stovetop to produce tender meat, goat meat can be cooked in a slow cooker for several hours on low.


Grilling Goat Meat

Grilling is a simple and quick way to prepare specialty cuts such as goat loin and goat chops. When grilling goat meat, use meat that is from a young animal for the most delicate flavor. Marinate the meat for at least a couple of hours up to overnight to enhance the texture and flavor. Use two zones of coals or heat -- one hot and the other much cooler -- to enable a quick searing and a longer slow cooking. Sear the meat on all sides until browned in the hotter area and transfer it to the cooler area to allow for slow cooking until done.



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