How to Attach a Picture Frame Wire

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Things You'll Need

  • Drill

  • Small drill bit

  • Two screw eyes

  • Measuring tape

  • Wire cutters

Nothing makes a house a home like artwork, hangable curios and family portraits on the walls. While some pictures and artwork are light enough that you can use the hook on the back of the frame and a small picture hanger in the wall, other larger pieces require picture frame wire attached to the back of the frame.


Picture frame wire does have an advantage -- it's easier to straighten your picture when it becomes crooked.

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Step 1

Select the proper drill bit size. The drill bit should be the same diameter as your screw eyes minus the threads.

Step 2

Choose your work space. Find a flat surface, such as a table or workbench, and lay the picture on it face down.

Step 3

Affix the screw eyes to the frame. With the measuring tape and pencil, mark a spot that is one-third down the side of the frame on each side. Drill a small hole in that spot, and then screw the screw eyes into the frame.


Step 4

Attach the picture wire. Cut a length of picture wire six to eight inches longer than the frame is wide. Thread one end of the wire through the screw eye and twist it back on itself two or three inches. Repeat on the other side. The picture is now ready for hanging.


Choose the right gauge of picture hanging wire, depending on the size of the piece you want to hang. Larger pieces require thicker wire.


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