How to Address Engagement Party Invitations

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An engagement is a very exciting time of a woman's life. Many want to throw the perfect party to celebrate the occasion. The first step in throwing the perfect party is to send out invitations.

How to Address Engagement Party Invitations

Step 1

Create a guest list and a master list of addresses. This way you will not forget anyone important. Make sure all names (including city and street name) are spelled correctly. Never be afraid to ask.


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Step 2

Write out Mr. and Mrs. for all married couples. It should read as: Mr. and Mrs. John Smith. But if the husband and wife use different last names, be sure to note this on the invitation. If there are family members, do not write "and family." List everyone's name.

Step 3

Spell out the full street name, city name and state on the invitation.

Step 4

Send invitations to anyone in the household 18 and older. If you know there is someone in the family who is 19, be sure to send her a separate invitation.

Step 5

Ask for guests names. If someone is not married but is bringing a guest, be sure to find out who that guest is and his address. He should receive his own invitation.


Print address labels with your guests' names and addresses on them as well as labels with your return address label on it. This looks more professional and classy. Include an RSVP card so guests can return it. On the envelope, remember a stamp and your address. That way, there is no excuse not to RSVP.


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