How to Make an Egyptian Costume Out of a Sheet

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Things You'll Need

  • Bed sheet--non-fitted, pastel colors or white

  • Safety pins

  • Snug-fitting undershirt

Egyptian costumes are a simple, elegant way of throwing together a last-minute costume for a party. Fortunately, they involve household items that are readily available. With a little creativity and your own flourishes, you will have a custom Halloween or masquerade party costume that will drape and flow as though you've planned it for weeks.

Step 1

Measure the sheet from under your armpit to the floor using the long side of the sheet. Fold the excess sheet that rises above your armpit when the fabric is barely brushing the floor, flat to the inside of the sheet (against your own skin so that it looks like one fluid piece of fabric on the outside).

Step 2

Slide the undershirt shoulder straps off your shoulders and tuck them into the undershirt. The undershirt must be tight to hold up the sheet.

Step 3

Tuck the right top corner of the sheet into the undershirt on your left side, right under the armpit, and pin it to the undershirt. For a left-handed person, reverse the sides of the body and sheet (tuck the left top corner of the sheet into the undershirt on your right side).

Step 4

Wrap the excess of the sheet across your chest tightly and under your right arm.

Step 5

Bring the sheet up across your back to come over your left shoulder and drape down your left side, covering your left arm. You can bring your left arm up and poke it through the short side of the sheet so that the excess bunches gently on your arm and there is plenty of fabric hanging down your arm on both sides but your hand is free. Or you can leave the sheet hanging straight from the shoulder down over your arm so that you cannot see/use your left hand, but the fabric is hanging freely.

Step 6

Add sandals and long black lines of eyeliner (even for guys) for a regal look, or go barefoot and barefaced for the street urchin look.


There are multiple ways to drape the sheet around your body in an Egyptian or, with longer folds over the shoulder, Greek manner. Experiment with tying the sheet to the strap of your undershirt and using the knot as a decoration, or changing the manner of wrapping the sheet to find the look that works best for you.