How to Fix the Fuel Pump on a Lawn Mower

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The lawn mower fuel pump is an essential component of the machine. It pumps fuel from the gas tank to the carburetor, which powers the lawn mower to run. It's impossible to use the mower safely if the fuel pump is damaged or destroyed, so fuel pump repair is essential. If you're experiencing issues with your lawn mower fuel pump, you'll need to know how to locate the fuel pump, the basics of fuel pump repair and how to replace a lawn mower fuel pump.


Begin Your Lawn Mower Fuel Pump Repair

To locate the fuel pump on your lawn mower, the best thing to do is refer to the owner's manual. There should be a diagram showing where all the parts are located. Typically, the fuel pump is next to the gas tank and has rubber gas tubes connecting it to the tank and the carburetor.


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Some fuel pumps are electric. If your mower uses an electric fuel pump, you will want to make sure that your power supply is working, especially if it is batteries. If the power source for the electric fuel pump isn't the problem, then it's more than likely due to the fuel pump itself.


As the first step in the process to fix lawn mowers, you should put on protective gear and disconnect the spark plug to ensure that the mower won't power on. After you've disconnected the spark plug, the next part is disconnecting the fuel pump using a screwdriver and pliers.

Small Engine Fuel Pump Repair

Now that you have disconnected and removed the old fuel pump, you need to inspect it thoroughly for any signs of damage. Some wear and tear is normal, especially after years of regular use. Use your screwdriver to disconnect the parts. During this process, clean out any dirt or debris in the pump, which could be part of the problem if there is no fuel in the fuel filter in the riding mower.


Carefully examine all the gaskets, diaphragms, seals and other mechanisms in the fuel pump for the lawn mower. If any of them are damaged, you will need to replace them. Be sure to purchase any replacement parts from a store sourced directly from the manufacturer.

It's also possible that the fuel pump may become damaged beyond repair. If that happens, it's safer to replace the entire thing. Call your lawn mower's manufacturer to learn where you can find the correct replacement parts. Finally, after you have finished all the repairs, you need to reconnect the fuel pump to the mower, including the rubber gas tubes to the tank and the carburetor.


Caring for Your Lawn Mower Fuel Pump and Engine

You can do things to maintain your lawn mower's small engine parts, including the fuel pump. Every year, you need to change the oil in your lawn mower. If you plan to leave the lawn mower idle for more than 30 to 45 days, you should empty the gas and oil tanks before storing them.


In addition, you'll want to replace the spark plug and air filters every year and clean the air filter periodically. A lawn mower's blades are one of the most critical parts of the mower, so you should keep them sharp and balance them every year to make sure they're working evenly.


Every time you use the mower, you should clean the mower a little bit beforehand and thoroughly afterward. Don't try to drive the machine over any sticks or rocks or use it on grass that is too thick or tall. If possible, you should always store your mower somewhere safe from the elements.



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