How to Make a Face Using Super Sculpey

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Things You'll Need

  • Super Sculpey or Firm Super Sculpey

  • Small tools for sculpting (a multi-tool pocketknife would be ideal)

  • Acrylic paint if you wish to add color

  • Oven

Make a Face Using Super Sculpey

Sculpey is a polymer clay which molds like clay, but bakes hard in an oven like plastic. Super Sculpey is specifically designed for professional artistic uses. Super Sculpey is for general purpose modeling. Firm Super Sculpey is designed for carving with fine detail.


Step 1

Roll a ball of Sculpey into the size you want the head of your creation to be. If you want to make a face on a flat piece of Sculpey rather than a head shape, make sure your flat piece is at least around 1/4 inch thick.

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Step 2

Use your fingers or a flat, blunt tool to pinch and build up areas of Sculpey to shape a nose, cheekbones, eyebrow ridges and lips. At this step, you are just simply making little mounds of modeling material; details will come later. You can also add extra modeling compound to create these features, but two clumps of modeling material adhered together are more likely to separate than simply building up from one piece.

Step 3

Use a pointed, thin tool to push a fine line into the Sculpey to make football shapes for the eyes.

Step 4

Use a round pointed tool to poke nostrils into the nose.

Step 5

Use a pointed tool to draw a line separating the lips. You may wish to add small vertical lines on the lips themselves to add realism.


Step 6

Use a pointy tool to add details such as irises and pupils to the eyes, or leave as is to allow for paint at a later stage.

Step 7

Use a pointy tool to draw lines to simulate hair or wait until the painting phase to add detail. You can also glue on hair after baking the Sculpey.


Step 8

Add any other details you wish at this point.

Step 9

Bake your project in a regular oven (not microwave or convection) according to package directions.

Step 10

Paint your face, if desired, with acrylic paint after it is fully cooled.


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