How to Make Christmas Tree Lights Blink

Christmas lights are one of the hallmarks of the holiday season. Homeowners spend a great deal of time decorating the exterior and interior of their homes. Christmas trees vary from home to home, depending on the homeowner's personal style and color preference. One thing that is the same is the presence of Christmas tree lights. Not everyone knows how to make Christmas tree lights blink.

Things You'll Need

  • String of Christmas lights

  • Blinking bulbs

Step 1

Untangle all of the strings of Christmas lights. Lay them out side by side. This makes the job go much faster.

Step 2

Plug in one of the strings. Allow it to warm up for about two to three minutes. If it is a blinking set of lights, it will start blinking after this warm-up period. If it is not blinking, you will have to replace one or two of the bulbs.

Step 3

Get the blinking light bulbs you purchased separately. These look like regular clear Christmas light bulbs with one exception: The tip of the glass bulb is painted red or silver to indicate it is the bulb that will turn on the string's ability to blink.

Step 4

Unplug the string of lights from the wall outlet. Locate the bulb on the string of lights that is nearest the wall outlet. Remove this bulb and replace it with one of the blinking replacement bulbs.

Step 5

Plug the string of lights back into the wall. Again, allow some warm-up time. Because you have the blinking light in the first position on the string, the string of lights should blink because the blinking light will affect the entire circuit on the string. In some cases, only half of the string will blink. This is because the string has more than one circuit. If this is the case, locate the last blinking light on the string. Unplug the string of lights and replace the bulb that is located immediately after the last blinking light. This bulb is the first one on the second circuit on this string. After replacing this bulb, the entire string will blink.

Step 6

Continue testing and replacing bulbs the same way on all of the remaining strings. Wrap them around the Christmas tree when you are finished.