How To Make Your Own Vinyl Banners

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Whether you're celebrating a birthday, school reunion or another event, you can create a banner announcing the event where many people can see it. It can also be used as a means to mark the location for an event such as a picnic in a park. It's easy to make a banner using sturdy oil cloth or vinyl cloth and self-sticking letters.


Event banner

Things You'll Need

  • Vinyl Cloth Or Oil Cloth About 3-By-4 Feet

  • Straight Edge

  • Pen

  • Scissors

  • Paper

  • Bungee Cord Or Rope

  • Measuring Tape

  • Self-Sticking Letters

  • Marker

  • Metal Grommets Kit

Step 1

Use a pen and paper to design the wording for the banner to be created. Consider the size of the banner desired and the appropriate size letters. No more than three to four lines of wording should be used. Rearrange and redesign the banner wording, if needed, for a balanced layout.


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Step 2

Lay the banner cloth flat on a work table. Using the drawn banner design as a guide and the number of lines of wording, use a measuring tape to mark the lines along each side of the banner cloth so that the wording will be centered. Do not mark on the banner cloth where the lettering will go. Lay a straight edge from point to point for each line to serve as a guide to line up the letters.


Step 3

Cut out the self-sticking letters that will be used, but do not peel off the backing just yet. Starting from the center front of the banner cloth, lay the letters down for the first line of wording and adjust. Peel off the backing from the self-sticking letters and press each one onto the banner cloth where the straight edge marks the line. Do this with all the letters for the first line of wording.


Step 4

Move the straight edge to the next line and lay those letters out. Repeat for any other layers.

Step 5

With scissors, make a hole in the banner cloth every 2 to 3 feet on the top where a grommet will be added. Grommets should also be added to the bottom of the banner cloth if it's going to be used outside where it might be windy. Follow the instructions on the back of the grommet kit for installation as there is a front and back piece. A hammer may be needed to secure the two pieces together.


Before deciding on the size of the banner and the letters to be used, consider where it will be displayed and from what distance it should be readable. Be careful not to have letters that are too small. Self-sticking letters are available in different sizes and styles at office supply stores and craft shops. Oil or vinyl cloth can be purchased at fabric or craft shops and is usually sold by the yard. Grommets and a kit are available at hardware stores.


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