How to Polish Lexan

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Things You'll Need

  • Lexan-safe polish

  • Two microfiber cloths

  • Hose or pan

Lexan is a strong and durable plastic. It is useful in cars, boats, storm windows and various other items. This material is a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic. The design of Lexan was to replace glass as well as Plexiglas for a stronger resistance to damage. This is important in such objects as cars and in high-force wind areas. However, Lexan, as all materials do, becomes dirty and grubby with extensive use. Applying a product that is safe on Lexan is vital so destruction does not occur.


Step 1

Read the instructions for use on your Lexan-safe polish. Lexan-safe polish includes LP Acrylic Polish & Sealant, Prism Polish or Diamondite Plasti-Care, which come in different forms. Some allow you to pour the product onto a cloth, while others are a cream or a spray.

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Step 2

Pour a dime-size amount of Lexan polish on the cloth. If you have a spray, squirt three times on the Lexan material. With a cream, place the cloth inside the jar and remove about a half-dollar amount.

Step 3

Rub the polish over the Lexan material. Pay close attention to any dents or malformations in the material. These depressions need to come clean as well. Use a circular motion while wiping the polish into the Lexan.

Step 4

Use a hose or a pan with water to remove the remaining grime and polish from the Lexan. Wipe it down with the second microfiber cloth or the hose. This depends on the item you are polishing. Some products require you to wash off the polish, while others do not. Again, read your instructions closely to determine if this is the case.


Always use Lexan-safe polish products. It is important to use a non-abrasive cloth. Lexan may scratch or gain a haze if you do not use the proper techniques.


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