How to Make a Birdhouse From Corks

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Things You'll Need

  • 39 corks

  • Hot glue gun

  • Optional silk flowers or Spanish moss

Make a Birdhouse From Corks

This a great Earth Day craft to do with your kids. Recycled corks make a great birdhouse for our little feathered friends. Or you can create one of these birdhouses to use as a decoration for your home or even for a wedding reception.


Step 1

Begin by making 13 rows of three corks each. To do this, lay three corks end to end. Glue the ends together to form one row. Repeat this 12 more times to form 13 rows of three corks each. Set aside one row to be used at the top of the roof.

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Step 2

Form the floor and two sides for the roof so that each piece will be three corks across and four corks down. To do this lay four rows of the corks from Step 1 together with the long sides touching. Glue together. This forms one side that is three corks across and four corks down. Repeat this two more times so you have three pieces to use for the floor and two sides for the roof.

Step 3

Finally, assemble the birdhouse. Lay one of the pieces from Step 2 flat on your work surface so the sides with three corks are facing out to the left and right. This will be the floor of the birdhouse. Attach the roof pieces by glueing another piece onto the left edge of the floor piece. Glue the roof piece so it is angled inward about 45 degrees. Hold until dry. Repeat on the right side for the other roof piece. Glue it onto the right side of the floor piece, angling it inward about 45 degrees. Do not let the two roof pieces touch at the top. In between the two roof pieces, glue the single row of corks you set aside in Step 1. Hold until dry.


Step 4

Optional: Glue silk flowers and/or Spanish moss onto the birdhouse to decorate it. Add a fake bird you can buy at a local craft store if desired.


To hang the birdhouse, make a loop out of a piece of craft wire, insert between the corks on each side of the roof, and twist each end on the inside of the birdhouse to hold in place. Hang from a branch.


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