How to Thread a Dressmaker Sewing Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Dressmaker Sewing Machine

  • Thread

Industrial Dressmaker Sewing Machine

Many people are turning to Do-It-Yourself projects to help curb the cost of living. One of the many ways people are utilizing DIY tricks is for clothing. While fashions are updated each season, many can not afford to hit the clothing stores to update their wardrobes. Now it's time to dust off that Dressmaker Sewing Machine and get to building your wardrobe up again. This guide will provide basic instructions for threading a Dressmaker Sewing Machine so you can begin updating your wardrobe for the season.


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Step 1

Raise the needle bar all the way up by turning the hand wheel towards you, making sure the thread take-up lever is at the highest point.

Step 2

Place your thread spool on the spool pin.

Step 3

Take the thread under the arm thread guides, leading it through the guides down and around the tension discs from the right side, then under to the left in a "U" motion.


Step 4

Lead the thread into the notch on the right-hand side of the check spring, which is found over the thread disc.

Step 5

Lead thread under the thread guide bar and through the guide opening.


Step 6

Take thread up into the take-up lever threading from the right side of the lever through to the left.

Step 7

Take thread down through the guide into the thread bar once more; moving down into the guide.


Step 8

Thread through the needle clamp guide.

Step 9

Take the thread from front to back pulling 4 to 6 inches of thread through the needle for your extension.


Step 10

While holding your thread extension, manually hand crank the sewing wheel to lower the needle into the sewing plate so the upper thread can catch the bobbin thread.

Step 11

Keep turning the wheel until the needle comes back up with the upper and bobbin threads.

Step 12

Take both thread extensions and pull to the back of the presser foot about 3 inches.


If you have dexterity issues with your fingers, use a pair of tweezers to help you guide the thread through the machine. For instructions that are tailored to your specific model of Dressmaker Sewing Machine, check the manual that came with your sewing machine or contact the manufacturer to find out how to obtain a guide.


Make sure your bobbin is loaded before threading the sewing machine. This basic guide is for the Dressmaker brand of sewing machines. Other sewing machine manufacturers may differ in how to thread their machines. Best practice is to consult your manufacturer for optimal performance of your machine.