How to Make Life-Size Gumdrops

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Whether you're creating a life-sized Candyland party theme, building a magical fairytale scene, or just making some cheerful DIY gumdrop decorations for the Christmas tree, other Christmas ornaments or fun decor for a birthday party, themed party or other holiday decor, giant-sized fake gumdrops are fun and easy to create. With their rounded shapes, bold candy colors and sparkly sugar coating, gumdrops are instantly recognizable, even when they're blown up to different sizes, such as on a giant scale.


This crafty DIY project tutorial involves cutting foam or papier-mache craft forms into gumdrop shapes, painting them and adding a coating of chunky glitter. This DIY Christmas ornament is adaptable to all sizes of gumdrops and achievable for all ages and skill levels.

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1. Supplies for DIY gumdrop decorations

Gumdrops are rounded cylinders that are fatter at the base than the top. It's a simple shape, but you'll generally need to modify foam or papier-mache shapes sold in craft stores. Egg shapes and spheres are both easy to transform into gumdrop shapes, so look for those in a size that matches your needs.


For extra-large gumdrop decorations, consider creating your own papier-mache shapes using a bowl, bucket or similar-shaped item as a mold. Gather enough supplies to make multiple gumdrops in a variety of colors.

You also need a craft knife for cutting papier-mache shapes, or a serrated knife for cutting foam shapes, plus paintbrushes and paint in a variety of realistic gumdrop colors. Acrylic paint is suitable for both papier-mache and foam, while spray paint is generally suitable only for papier-mache.


Find white glue or decoupage glue for adhering the glitter, which should be a translucent, chunky-size glitter to best resemble sugar crystals.


A sealant is handy for helping to preserve the gumdrop decorations, but it is not essential.

2. Create the giant gumdrop shapes

Create fake gumdrop shapes by cutting off approximately one-quarter of a papier-mache or foam egg shape or sphere. Choose to cut off either the fatter or thinner end of an egg shape, depending on which side most resembles a gumdrop shape. Mark the cutting lines with a marker, and make sure they're straight and even before cutting all the way through the shape. Aim to create a flat base for the candy gumdrops so that they sit flat, trimming if necessary.


If you are using hollow papier-mache shapes and want a flat base, apply some glue around the cut rim of the base of the gumdrop shape. Stick the shape down flat on a piece of thick card and wait for the glue to dry, then trim around the edges of the card.


3. Paint the fake gumdrops

Brush acrylic paint in solid gumdrop colors all over the gumdrop shapes. Alternatively, use spray paint on papier-mache gumdrop decorations. Use a variety of colors in realistic gumdrop shades such as lime green, cherry red, orange, pale yellow and deep purple. Apply several coats of paint, waiting for each one to dry before applying the next, for a bold, solid color.


4. Add the sugar coating

For the fake gumdrops' sugar coating, use translucent glitter with a large particle size. This type of glitter has a much more realistic look than regular, fine glitter, although if you can only find regular glitter, you can use it instead. Place a large piece of paper underneath the gumdrops.


Apply a thick coating of white glue or decoupage glue all over them. Pour handfuls of glitter over the glued surfaces, turning the gumdrops around as you work for a thick, even coating of glitter. Roll the gumdrops around in the glitter that has accumulated on the paper for even more thorough coverage.


5. Finish your gumdrop ornaments

Leave the DIY candy decorations undisturbed until the glue has completely dried, at least an hour or two. Finally, apply a spray sealant to help keep the glitter in place for this Christmas craft.


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