How to Make Black Walnut Extract

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Things You'll Need

  • Equal amounts of shelled and toasted black walnuts and vodka

  • Bourbon to equal half the amount of vodka

  • Equal amounts of sugar and water to equate the amount of vodka

  • dash of vanilla extract

  • large glass jar

  • strainer

  • dark cupboard for aging

Learn a simple way to use black walnuts and make your very own extract to use for cooking or sipping. Especially handy if you happen to have a walnut tree and a surplus of nuts.

Step 1

Put the warm toasted walnuts in the glass jar while still warm.


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Step 2

Add vodka and bourbon to the walnuts and close the jar tightly.

Step 3

Put the jar in the dark cupboard for 2months. This allows the vodka to take on the walnut flavor.

Step 4

Strain the liqueur and discard walnuts.

Step 5

Boil corn syrup and water together and add to aged liqueur.

Step 6

Add vanilla to the walnut extract.

Step 7

Give the liquid a shake and you are finished.


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