How to Make a Pottery Wheel

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Things You'll Need

  • Front-wheel assembly (Used or new, with car-mounting bracket removed)

  • Electric motor with a 3/4-horsepower setting

  • Industrial clamps and plugs from an auto parts store -designed to fit the chosen electric motor, auto parts store staff can help in selection of appropriate size clamps and plugs

  • Power Drill

  • 10 wooden 2-by-4 inch boards, 3 feet long

  • 1 foot square piece of Plywood

  • 1-by-2 foot long wooden board

  • Power screwdriver

  • Screws, nuts and bolts designed long enough to go through 2 by 4 foot wood boards.

Building a pottery wheel is far less expensive than purchasing a commercially manufactured model. To create pottery and ceramics, you'll need a pottery wheel and the physical ability to operate an electric or kick wheel-operated version of the machine. To make a potter's wheel, a visit to the local junk yard is in order. A front wheel assembly mechanism is an integral part of the pottery wheel. When you re-use a used front wheel assembly, the overall cost of completing this project is typically less than $100.


How to Make a Pottery Wheel

Step 1

Purchase a front-wheel assembly mechanism with the car-mounting bracket cut away. The pottery wheel will sit on the rim area left after the mounting bracket is removed.

Step 2

Attach the industrial plug to the motor with metal clamps. Securely fasten plug directly onto the motor's drive shaft.

Step 3

Build a square base for the pottery wheel from the four wooden boards. Make the base by drilling holes 1 inch from the end of each board and fasten together with screws, nuts and bolts. Select screws, nuts, and bolts that are as large as a nickel for sturdiness. Choose appropriate size drill bit by following screw packet directions. Repeat step to build a second identical wood frame. Lay one frame on top of the other, drill a hole at the middle and ends of each board. Attach wood frames together with screws.


Step 4

Mount the front wheel assembly to the wood based with screws. Tighten screws with power screwdriver. Use screws that are as large in diameter as a nickel.

Step 5

Drill holes in a 2-by-4 inch piece of wood, 1 inch from each end of the board. Drill a hole in the middle of each center frame board. Mount the wood slat down the middle of the frame with the same size screws as you used on the square base frame. This slat is mounted to the underside of the frame, aligned with the front-wheel assembly.


Step 6

Mount the 1-foot square piece of plywood to the center board with screws. Drill additional holes in the center board for screws, if necessary.

Step 7

Attach the motor to the plywood. Place screws through the motor's attached brackets, and secure to the piece of plywood with a power screwdriver. Align motor with the opening for the industrial plug.

Step 8

Attach the remaining wood slat to the middle of the piece of plywood. Do not tighten all the way. Mount the 1-by-2 foot board to the bottom of the long wood slat with screws. This is the pedal for the pottery wheel.