How to Drill Small Holes in Stone & Beads

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Things You'll Need

  • Dremel or similar power drill

  • New diamond tip drill bit

  • Clamp or vise grip

  • Spray bottle

  • Water

  • Permanent marker

Holes drilled in small beads or stones requires patience and a steady hand.

Drilling holes in stones, or beads requires a specific drill bit, and patience. While the instructions for drilling beads and stones are short and simple, the process requires precision and a bit of luck. Glass beads and stones often crack during the drilling process when heat and friction aren't monitored properly.


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Step 1

Determine the spot for the hole.

Step 2

Mark drilling area on stone or bead with permanent marker.

Step 3

Place bead or stone in clamp or vise grip.


Step 4

Spray bead or stone with water to reduce heat and friction build up while drilling.

Step 5

Set drill on low speed; slowly advance to a speed no higher than medium or the fourth speed-setting dial.


Step 6

Drill slowly halfway through the bead or stone. Turn bead and drill from reverse side until completely through the item.

Step 7

Spray stone with water frequently during the drilling process. Stop drill and feel stone or bead for heat at least three times while drilling.


The diamond tipped drill bit will be incredibly dull after use on several stones or beads. Do not attempt to cut through more than three thin beads with the same drill bit. The hole will not be uniform, or increased friction will result from the dull drill bit.