How to Make a Glass Stone Message Magnet

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Make your own customized message magnets from glass stones -- the clear orbs that are flat on one side, typically used in floral arrangements or display in vases. Cut out your favorite words or phrases from magazines or print them with a laser printer. Use colorful scrapbook or wrapping paper as the background. Choose strong magnets to ensure they'll stay put under the weight of the glass.


Things You'll Need

  • Colorful paper

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Printouts of messages

  • Clear glass gems

  • Newspaper or wax paper

  • Clear-drying craft adhesive or decoupage medium

  • Cotton swabs

  • Strong small magnets

  • Hot glue gun (optional)

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Step 1: Tracing the Background

Place a glass gem over a colorful paper such gift wrap, scrapbooking paper or a magazine page. Trace around the gem shape with a pencil. Trace the gem additional times to make paper backing for every magnet you wish to make.

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Step 2: Cut out the Background

Cut out the traced shapes, lining them up one at a time on the flat part of the glass gem afterward. Trim the paper so it does not stick out beyond the edges of a glass -- a little too small for the glass works well.

Step 3: Cut Out Words

Cut out printed words or phrases that fit completely beneath the glass, such as "peace" or "you rock."

Step 4: Protect the Work Area

Cover the work area with newspaper or wax paper. Place the glass gems flat-side up atop the working area.


Step 5: Apply Glue to One Word or Phrase

Apply a small amount of a clear-drying craft adhesive such as decoupage medium to the front of one printed word or phrase. Use a cotton swab to apply the glue.

Step 6: Stick the Word in Place

Press the glue-coated word face down onto the back of a glass gem. Use a cotton swab to smooth any glue blobs.


Step 7: Glue Words onto Additional Gems

Glue the other words or messages to the additional glass gems if making more than one magnet.

Step 8: Add the Background

Coat a piece of the background paper with glue, applying the glue to the colorful side. Place the background face down atop the word or phrase already glued to the gem. This can be done while the glue on the word is still slightly wet. Repeat the process for each gem you are creating, allowing all the glue to dry completely.


Step 9: Add the Magnet

Place a dab of a powerful adhesive, such as craft and jewelry adhesive or hot glue, to one side of each magnet. Center the magnet over the back flat side of a decorated glass gem and press it in place. Allow the adhesive to dry as long as the packaging recommends before using the magnet. Drying times vary greatly from one product to another.


Use glass gems that have no air bubbles for best results. Rest the glass, flat side down, over the paper words to find the glass pieces that are the best size and clarity for each message.



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