How to Make Your Own Cardboard Cowboy Hat

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Things You'll Need

  • Shoe box

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

  • Packing tape

Children love to dress the part for an imaginary role. A child who likes to play cowboy, or cowgirl, may enjoy making a hat to help set the scene for big adventures in the arena or on the open range. Hats can be made to fit children, adults, large dolls, stick horses or even loyal canine companions who like to join in on cowboy games.


Step 1

Cut the box so that the sides make one long continuous piece. For example, cut off the box top if it's attached, then cut along the one corner from top to bottom and cut the bottom of the box off completely.

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Step 2

Measure around the cowboy's head using the long piece from the sides of the box. Make a pencil mark on the cardboard where the edge meets the other end after encircling the head.


Step 3

Measure about three inches past the mark made in Step 2 and cut the strip at this point so that it is slightly larger than the cowboy's head.

Step 4

Form the strip into a circle with one end at the mark made in Step 2 so that the ends overlap by about three inches, and secure the circle with packing tape.


Step 5

Place the wide part of the taped ring on the center of the box top. Draw a line on the box top around outside of the ring.


Step 6

Poke the scissors through the box top at one point on the line and cut out the ring. Keep both parts in tact.

Step 7

Cut off the corners on the box top. Make the corners into rounded edges to form the brim of the hat.


Step 8

Stuff the circle you cut out into the taped sides. Push it in from the big end until it is close to the smaller end.

Step 9

Tuck the bigger end of the sides into the hole in the box top. Curl the edges of the brim for a genuine cowboy hat appearance.


Color the hat by taping construction paper around the outside. Cut out shapes to tape on like a sheriff's star or a horseshoe.


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