How to Move Heavy Furniture on Carpet

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Things You'll Need

  • Furniture slides

  • Furniture lifter (optional)

  • Cardboard (optional)

  • Plastic lids (optional)

  • Dolly (optional)

  • Furniture blankets (optional)

Moving heavy furniture without help can result in serious injuries.
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It can be tough to move a heavy piece of furniture on carpet. In most cases, you'll need to use some equipment and have at least one assistant to move the furniture safely and successfully. Plan ahead to have everything on hand when you begin the task, and proceed with patience so you don't damage the furniture or the carpet -- or the human beings.


Step 1

Purchase products to assist with the move at a home improvement center. Slides are a must, unless you intend to make them. Levers to assist in lifting a corner to put a slide in place are also available. A dolly is helpful if you are transporting a smaller piece from room to room. To make slides, cut heavy box cardboard into rectangles slightly larger than each leg of the furniture, or use a heavy plastic container lid under each leg.

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Step 2

Enlist the help of at least one other person, if possible.

Step 3

Empty shelves and remove drawers from the piece to be moved.

Step 4

Tilt the heavy piece of furniture, using a furniture lifter if necessary, to elevate one leg and tuck a slide in place beneath the leg. A helper can assist with this process. Repeat the process for each leg. Purchased slides have a smooth plastic bottom that slides easily on carpet and a foam top that shapes around the leg bottom. A homemade slide is held in place by the weight of the furniture. Either protects the carpet from snags and tears


Step 5

Pull gently on the sides of a heavy piece of furniture mounted on slides and it should move smoothly across the carpet to a new location. Pulling places less strain on your back than pushing.

Step 6

Leverage each corner again when you get to the new location for your furniture and remove the slides.


Use a dolly to help move a smaller piece of heavy furniture. Tilt the base of the furniture onto the narrow plate at the bottom front of the dolly and lean the piece against the upright to balance it. You can easily push or pull a dolly across carpet.

If you are moving through narrow doorways, protect the furniture and the woodwork by draping furniture moving blankets across corners of the piece.

Have a helper spot the path of the furniture as it moves to assure clearance.

Vacuum the old spot after you move the piece.


If a helper is not available, it is possible to move heavy furniture alone, but be sure to invest in good moving equipment to replace human assistance.


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