How to Put Lights on an Artificial Christmas Tree

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Things You'll Need

  • Christmas tree

  • Christmas lights

Put Lights on an Artificial Christmas Tree

Putting lights on an artificial Christmas tree can be very time-consuming. It is often the most aggravating part of decorating a tree. The key to this is to have all the lights untangled and working before you even try to begin. Wrapping the lights around each branch of the tree will make the finished tree bright and evenly decorated. It will prevent the lights from getting tangled on the tree, and it will be easier when it is time to take the lights off of the tree.


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Step 1

Make sure none of the Christmas lights are knotted up or tangled. Go over each strand of lights and check for missing and burned out bulbs. Plug in each string of lights to make sure they work.

Step 2

Start at the bottom of the Christmas tree and wrap the string of lights around one branch at a time. Start at the base of the first branch and wrap the light strand down the branch to the tip and then back to the base. When you reach the base move the strand to the next branch and start again.


Step 3

Repeat the same process of wrapping each branch as you move up the tree. When you finish the lowest level of branches move up to the next level of branches.

Step 4

Attach the light strands to each other as you reach the end of one and start a new one.

Step 5

Wrap the light strand around the top branches of the tree that go up to hold the tree topper. Then take the remaining lights and let them hang down the back of the tree where they will be covered by ornaments and garland.


Have someone there to help you by holding the strand of Christmas lights while you are wrapping the branches so it doesn't get tangled on the floor.


Don't attach to many lights strands together and plugged into one outlet. It might cause the breaker to pop. If this happens, you need to separate some of the strands and plug them into a different outlet.