How to Make a Pyramid Out of Clay

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Things You'll Need

  • Clay

  • Wire

  • Water

  • Bowl

Clay is a great material for building miniature models of pyramids and other ancient buildings. Although you can build a pyramid out of slabs of clay or using other methods, the easiest way is to simply cut it out of a block. You will not have to worry about joining the seams together and stopping the pyramid from sagging as it dries.


Step 1

Make a clay wire tool. Get two short sticks and wrap one end of a piece of wire around each. The length of the wire should be bigger than the width you want your pyramid to be at the bottom.

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Step 2

Get a big block of clay. If you do not have a block, you can cut one with your wire tool. Hold the wire between two hands and pull it straight down to make one side of the clay block. Then go across and cut the second parallel side. Turn the wire 90 degrees and repeat until you have four straight walls.

Step 3

Put a small mark right in the middle of the pyramid. You can use a toothpick if you want, or simply scratch a little X in the clay.

Step 4

Hold the wire tool above the center, parallel to one of the sides. Cut a straight line to the bottom edge. Repeat going to the opposite edge. You now have a triangular prism.


Step 5

Hold the wire at a 90 degree angle to how you were holding it before and make cuts from the center to the two remaining edges. You now have a pyramid.

Step 6

Pour some water in a bowl. Dip your fingers in to get them wet, and use the water to gently rub out any irregularities in the pyramid. You can reshape the walls slightly, round the corners, or make any other changes you want.


Don't use too much water. You don't want to get the clay too wet.


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