How to Use Green Film in Silkscreen Printing

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Things You'll Need

  • Green film

  • Silkscreen

  • Transparency or printed copy of what you wish to print

Silkscreen printing is a process that allows you to print a design onto fabric or paper by pushing ink through open holes in a tight screen with a squeegee. To create the design, you will need to block out the area of the screen you do not want printed. Green film is a screen-printing film that adheres to the silk part of the silkscreen frame and blocks parts of the screen. It serves as an alternative to the paint-on screen filler and photo emulsion techniques of silkscreen printing. With it, you can trace and cut out your design. It does have its benefits. There are a few kinds of green film, but cuttable and photo-sensitive are two of the most readily available.


Using Cuttable Green Film

Step 1

Print out your design onto a sheet of printer paper and trace it onto the green screen.

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Step 2

Cut out the design using an X-acto knife.


Step 3

Adhere it to your screen. Use the screen as usual.

Step 4

When done, check the instructions on how to remove the screen. Some require you to pull the silk fabric away from the silkscreen frame entirely, while others can be removed from the silk with warm water, preserving the fabric on your screen.


Using Photo-Sensitive Green Film

Step 1

Print out your design onto a transparency and expose your green film as you would a screen using the photo emulsion method.

Step 2

Spray your screen and the green film with water to blow out the parts you just burned into your screen.

Step 3

Use your screen as usual.


Some green film is water soluble, which allows you to adhere and remove the film with water. This is a good choice if you wish to keep your screen intact.

If in doubt, check the green film's instructions. The type of film you bought will dictate exactly how it is adhered and removed from your screen.



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