How to Sharpen Fabric Scissors

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Screwdriver

  • Medium grade sandpaper

Sharpen Fabric Scissors

Fabric scissors can dull after use, especially if they're used to cut materials other than fabric alone. You may think you need to send your scissors out to be professionally sharpened, but you can sharpen the blades at home without spending a penny. All you need to sharpen your fabric scissors is a screwdriver and a small square of medium grade sandpaper. These methods are simple, safe and great for those working on a budget.


Step 1

Cut through medium grade sandpaper with your scissors. Cut the sandpaper into a few pieces.

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Step 2

Turn the scissors upside down and cut the sandpaper into more pieces.

Step 3

Repeat these steps once or twice, cutting the sandpaper into small pieces. Your scissors should be thoroughly sharpened when you're through.


Step 4

Place the round, metal part of the screwdriver between the blades of your scissors.

Step 5

Hold the scissors as you would when you're cutting fabric and make the motions as if you are going to cut through the metal.


Step 6

As you make the cutting motions, move the screwdriver from the tip of the scissors down to where the blades are joined. This way you will sharpen the entire length of each scissor blade.

Step 7

Do this a few times and both sides of the blades will sharpen.


You can substitute sandpaper with aluminum foil or steel wool.


Be careful of your fingers when using any of these methods. Sharp scissor blades can easily cut through skin.


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