How to Make Fake Facial Hair

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Things You'll Need

  • One Skein of Wool Yarn

  • Latex Facial Adhesive

  • Scissors

  • Stiff Hair Brush

Even a great disguise or Halloween costume can sometimes allow your real identity to slip through. To better disguise yourself, try adding fake facial hair to your look to really change your appearance.

Step 1

Decide what color you want your hair to be and use that color yarn. You can use just one color or you can mix several colors together.


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Step 2

Cut yarn pieces to the length that you want. You will need 30 to 100 pieces depending on how full you want this artificial hairpiece to look.

Step 3

Separate the individual strings of yarn from each other. Each strand of yarn is made of three strands twisted together. As you separate them, lay them all together so that they are all lying in the same direction.

Step 4

Brush out the yarn. Place your hand at the top of the yarn pieces to hold them still. Then use the stiff bristle brush to brush the yarn as if it were real hair. The yarn pieces will get fluffy and gain volume.

Step 5

Apply the hair to your face using the latex adhesive. You will brush a small amount of the adhesive on the area of your face that you want the hair, then press your fluffy new facial hair onto the area. You can make a beard, a mustache or even huge eyebrows.


Wash your face thoroughly before applying the adhesive.


Test the latex adhesive before you put it on your face. Apply it to the inside of your arm and look for any skin irritation.


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