How to Use Crayola Fabric Markers

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Things You'll Need

  • Cotton or polyester fabric

  • Crayola fabric markers

  • Paper bags or paper

  • Iron

  • Clothes dryer

Crayola makes a fabric marker that allows kids (and adults) to create their own designs on T-shirts, tote bags and other items. Crayola fabric markers are easy to use and provide parents and teachers with an inexpensive craft idea for children of all ages.

Step 1

Choose the fabric you want to decorate with Crayola fabric markers. The markers will work on both cotton and polyester materials. The rainbow assortment of colors may not show up on dark-colored T-shirts and other materials.


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Step 2

Place the fabric to be decorated on top of a piece of paper or a brown paper bag to prevent the markers from bleeding through the cloth. If you are drawing on a T-shirt, place the paper inside the shirt, between the front and back sections.

Step 3

Color your material using a lot of ink. Light marks from Crayola fabric markers may wash off in the washing machine. Saturating the cloth well will guarantee the color will remain on the cloth.

Step 4

Put aside your creation to let it dry before you set the design with heat. Drying times may range from just a few minutes to an hour or more, depending on how thoroughly you have covered your fabric.

Step 5

Set the markers by using either an iron or a clothes dryer. Iron over the designs slowly for about 4 minutes. If you prefer to use the dryer, run it at medium heat for half an hour. Dry only the items you have colored with Crayola fabric markers in the same load to avoid staining other clothing.


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