How to Make and Use a Wooden Bow Maker

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Things You'll Need

  • Wooden board, 1 by 4 feet

  • Wood dowel, 1/4-inch diameter, 12 to 18 inches in length

  • Electric saw

  • Electric drill

  • Glue

  • Sandpaper

  • Measuring tape

  • Pencil

Ribbon and lace bows are popular craft accents for wreaths, floral arrangements and home decor accents. They can also be used for fancy wrapping on presents for family and friends. Fumbling with spools of ribbon and bits of wire can be difficult, however, and getting an even and attractive bow more of a headache than an enjoyable hobby. Make a sturdy wooden bow maker and learn the simple steps to use it for any size of bow you need.


Step 1

Cut the wooden board into a 12-inch length. Sand the edges for a smooth look and feel. Measure the board's width and find the precise middle. Draw a line with a pencil horizontally down the length of the board to indicate the center. Find the exact center point of the board and mark this.


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Step 2

Measure and cut four 3-inch long pieces of wooden dowel. This is easily done with a hand saw. Sand the ends of these so they are smooth.

Step 3

Measure a half-inch on either side of the board's center point and make a mark there. Use a quarter-inch drill bit to make a straight hole about halfway through the wooden board for each mark. Glue one piece of dowel into each of these holes. These will be the place you hold the center of your ribbon or lace to form the bow.


Step 4

On the center line you scribed previously, measure one-inch increments out from the two dowels in the center and make a mark at each measurement. Drill another small hole at each one of these marks. The other two dowels can be inserted in whichever hole gives you the bow size you desire.

Step 5

When you want to make a bow, all you have to do is place the ribbon through the center two dowels and then loop it around the evenly-spaced dowels in the outer holes. For a simple two-loop bow, do this action once on each side and then tie a ribbon or wrap a piece of wire around the middle part. For more fluffy bows, simply make more loops. Any size or style bow can be made with this wooden bow maker.


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