How to Make Candy Centerpieces

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Things You'll Need

  • Whirly pops

  • Solid color disk or sphere-shaped lollipops

  • Rock candy sticks

  • Novelty pops

  • Curling ribbon

  • Floral wire

  • Polystyrene craft foam

  • Knife

  • Container

  • Small glass bowls

No party is complete without decorations, and no table is set without a sensational centerpiece. Whether celebrating a holiday or a special occasion such as a wedding, baby shower or graduation, you can make a fun and delicious candy centerpiece. In addition to adding pizazz to your table, candy centerpieces are easily transformed into gift baskets by wrapping them in sheets of cellophane with colorful ribbons.


Eye Candy

Step 1

Select an eye-catching container for your candy centerpiece. Colorfully painted tin pails, glass bowls and traditional baskets make good candy centerpiece containers. Select a container to compliment a specific theme. For example, a plastic pumpkin can be used for a Halloween centerpiece or a beach pail can be used for either a child's birthday party or a beach-themed party.


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Step 2

Cut the polystyrene craft foam block with a knife to fit your candy centerpiece container. The foam block should reach as close to the top of your candy centerpiece container as possible since many lollipop sticks are not long. If your container is see-through, you may want to surround the foam block with candy such as jelly beans or small round candies.


Step 3

Place two or three Whirly Pops with a 3-inch diameter into your foam block. The number of Whirly Pops will depend on the size of your candy centerpiece container. Place four to six solid color disk or sphere-shaped lollipops into your foam block. Place two to three rock candy sticks into your foam block. Place four to six novelty lollipops into your foam block. When placing the lollipops into the foam, think of arranging them as you would a floral arrangement. Mix together the various lollipops taking into consideration height and color.


Step 4

Fill in your candy centerpiece with curling ribbons. You can either make the curling ribbons or buy pre-made curling ribbons. Bunch together several curling strands of ribbon and wind floral wire around the bunch leaving enough wire to serve as a stake to secure the ribbons into the foam block. Make several ribbon bunches and place them all around in the container.


Step 5

Pour a variety of candies into small glass bowls to add more color to your table and to provide candy for your guests to eat. Place the bowls of candy around your candy centerpiece. Use of these candy bowls can assist in emphasizing a holiday or theme. For example, use candy hearts for Valentine's Day, jelly beans for Easter, candy corn for Halloween and miniature candy canes for Christmas.


Select from a variety of novelty lollipops to help develop a theme for your candy centerpiece including hearts, stars, flowers, bears, baby blocks and wedding bells. If the lollipops are wobbling in the foam block, place glue on the sticks.


If your candy centerpiece is for a child's party, make sure the candies you include in your candy centerpiece are not choking hazards. Always monitor the children while they are enjoying their candy.


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