How to Make Spider-Man Masks

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If you have children, especially a little boy, then you most likely already have an idea of how popular Spider Man is. Whether you need to create a Spider-Man mask for a Halloween costume or for a themed birthday party, or maybe you just want a fun activity to do with your child one rainy afternoon, creating the perfect Spider-Man mask is both an easy and fun project to do. Here are a few ideas to help you with creating your own Spider-Man mask.


Step 1

Use a graphics program like Photoshop to create the perfect Spider-Man mask. Photoshop allows you to create you design using the pen tool, various brush types and the paint bucket tool. After you've completed your design, you can print the design, and glue the mask to a harder material, like poster board. Punch two holes along the edges of the mask and add a string that will hook around the ears and head. There are also programs, such as Kids Mask Factory, designed specifically to allow you to create printable masks.

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Step 2

Consider using a ski mask and some fabric paint, for a truly authentic Spider-Man pullover mask. If you purchase a ski mask, look for a red one since it will keep you from having to try to dye a white mask or another color to red. Keep in mind, you will need a reference image to go by as you create your mask. Make sure you get a ski mask one that has holes for both the eyes and the mouth, since some only have them for the eyes. You can then apply black fabric paint to the mask to produce the "web" lines. Another option is to sew black fabric stripes on the mask following your Spider-Man pattern.


Step 3

Try using face paint. This is especially a fun option to try for a child's Spider-Man mask. You can create a mask by applying red face paint as a base color then using black face paint to create the stripes down the sides of the mask and around the eyes. Again, you will have need a picture of Spider-Man to go by as you work. Remember to use a paint that is child-friendly, in that is safe and that won't irritate their skin.


Step 4

Directly draw and color your own Spider-Man mask out on paper. If you're making a Spider-Man mask for a child, consider having them assist you in creating the mask. Create the outline of your Spider-Man mask on a study material, like poster board, and have them color it in using crayons or markers. As with step 1, cut the design out and then punch holes on opposite sides of the mask and attach a string to go around the ears and head.

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