How to Make Liquor Bottles Glow

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Things You'll Need

  • Disposable gloves

  • Fluorescent/highlighting markers

  • Liquor bottles

  • Pliers

  • Scissors

  • Liquid laundry detergent

  • Black light

A display of glowing liquor bottles can be a nice touch to a dorm room, bar or other "party area." Making this display also allows you to recycle empty liquor bottles. Creating a glowing liquor bottle can be a somewhat messy process but it's also very easy to do. With the right materials, you can quickly create a display that is sure to be a conservation starter at your next party.


Step 1

Put on the disposable gloves.

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Step 2

Empty and rinse the liquor bottles. (The bottles do not need to be completely dry.)

Step 3

Use the pliers to remove the bottom cap of the marker and then remove the ink tube from the marker.


Step 4

Hold the ink tube over the opening of the liquor bottle. Use scissors to cut the bottom of the ink tube so the ink begins flowing into the bottle. Squeeze the ink tube to release more ink into the bottle.

Step 5

Pour roughly one cup of laundry detergent into the liquor bottle.


Step 6

Place the bottle underneath the faucet and hold the ink tube over the liquor bottle as you did in step 4. Turn on the cold water and slowly fill the bottle with water.

Step 7

Put the cap back on the liquor bottle and shake it. You can use a straw to stir the mixture if you have lost the cap.


Step 8

Place the liquor bottle in front of a black light and turn off the lights in the room. Turn on the black light, and the liquor bottle will glow.


Check the ink to make sure it glows before you begin filling the liquor bottles with ink. Place the ink tube in front of the black light. If the ink tube glows, it is good to use for this project.


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