How to Make Birch Bark Picture Frames

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Birch bark picture frames are a great addition to rustic decor and bring a touch of nature inside. Photographs displayed in these natural frames take on new life and bring positive energy to the room. Ideal as a gift for the nature lover in the family or simply as way to display favorite photos, birch bark frames are quick and easy to make from bark harvested from fallen logs.


Make Birch Bark Picture Frames

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Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper

  • Twigs (Optional)

  • Birch Bark

  • Unfinished Wooden Frame

  • Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks

  • Clear Spray Sealer

Step 1

Purchase an unfinished wooden frame at your local craft store. Sand the frame lightly to remove any imperfections or rough edges.

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Step 2

Gather an assortment of pieces of birch bark. You can often find fallen logs or trees where the outer layer of bark has already come loose. Gathering loose bark will not hurt the tree as long as you do not strip the tree to the under layers. Old logs can be stripped of all the bark, providing more than enough to create a frame. Visit your local craft supply store to purchase sections of birch bark.


Step 3

Layer the sections of birch bark on an old newspaper. Check carefully for any insects or debris. Allow to dry completely before using. Bark will curl as it dries, but this only adds to the appeal of the project.

Step 4

Select well-shaped and appealing sections of the dried bark and glue in place to cover the entire wooden frame. Hot glue works well and dries quickly. Your completed frame will be a patchwork of bark rich with varying shades of white. Attach other natural elements like twigs or leaves at the corners if preferred.


Step 5

Spray with clear sealer to preserve the project and protect from moisture or excessive drying. Allow to dry and insert the picture in the frame. Display on a mantle or on the wall for rustic decor.