How to Keep Canvas From Fraying

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Things You'll Need

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

  • Large bowl

  • 8 oz. white glue

  • Craft stick

  • Newspaper

  • Foam paintbrush

Artists use stretched canvas for paintings.

Canvas is a durable and lightweight, yet strong fabric, that has many uses. Canvas drop cloths are a favorite of professional house painters and artists use canvas for their paintings by nailing or stapling it to stretcher frames. Embroidery and needlepoint artists create pictures and pillows on canvas and painted canvas rugs provide sturdy floor coverings. Keeping the canvas edges from fraying eliminates hemming, which can create a bulky appearance.


Step 1

Measure the canvas to the desired size using the ruler and cut it with the scissors.

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Step 2

Mix 8 oz. of white glue with 4 oz. of water in a large bowl. Stir thoroughly with a craft stick to bring the glue to an even consistency.


Step 3

Lay the canvas over newspaper on a flat surface like a table or the floor.

Step 4

Dip the foam paintbrush in the white glue and water mixture. Thoroughly saturate the edges of the cut canvas with the mixture. Let the glue dry for one hour.


Step 5

Flip the canvas to the opposite side and saturate the cut edges with the glue and water mixture, using the foam paintbrush. Let the glue dry for one hour.


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