How to Play the Baby Shower Game Toilet Paper Diaper

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Players must use an entire roll of toilet tissue to make the diaper.
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The toilet paper diaper game, frequently played at baby showers, provides plenty of opportunities for silly photographs of your guests. The object of the game is for one person to stand still, arms up, while her team uses one roll of toilet paper to make a diaper on her, encircling both her waist and legs The first team to finish their toilet paper diaper wins the game.


Step 1

Provide each team with one roll of toilet paper.

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Step 2

Explain the rules of the games for your baby shower guests -- the person being diapered must stand still, must not hold onto the toilet paper or assist in any other way, and the people making the diaper must figure out how to get the diaper started by themselves.

Step 3

Set a time limit and start the game.

Step 4

Give a prize to the winning team.


The best way to win the game is for the person doing the diapering to run circles around the person being diapered, being careful to not rip the toilet paper.

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