How to Use Your Goldstar Bread Machine

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The Goldstar Automatic Bread Machine, HB152CE, is used for making regular, specialty, whole wheat, French and rapid-rise yeast breads at home. Knowing how to use and program your machine correctly helps you enjoy using the machine and make good bread with ease.

Step 1

Open the lid on the bread machine. Pull the bread pan out by using the handles and lifting straight up. Carefully measure all ingredients correctly and put into the bread pan. They will be dry ingredients, yeast and liquid. When using a timer, place the yeast on top of the flour away from the liquid for best results. Lower the bread pan back into the Goldstar bread maker. Close the lid using the handle. Plug in the bread maker.


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Step 2

Select the program needed and baking control. There are seven programs labeled 1 through 7. They are Basic, Specialty, Whole Wheat, French Bread, Rapid Bread Dough and Cake. The baking control will be light medium or dark. Both indicator lights should go on in the display window. Press the start pad to begin the baking process. The amount of time it takes will be displayed. It will count down from time it raises until it is done baking. The Rapid Rise program will beep eight times when on the second kneading to allow adding nuts, fruit and other ingredients to bread. Open lid and carefully add ingredients to bread at this time, then close tightly.

Step 3

Do not open the lid during the rise and baking cycles. This will affect the results of the bread. The machine beeps four times when the bread is done. If you want to serve the bread immediately, press the cancel button and remove the bread pan. Use oven mitts when removing hot bread pan as it is very hot. Let pan sit for a few minutes. Run a small serrated knife around edge of bread. Using oven mitts, turn over pan on wire rack or plate. Remove the kneading blade and unplug the machine after each use.


Step 4

The beeper beeps eight times to indicate the bread has cooled. If you do not take the bread out immediately, it remains warm for three hours. This cycle is not included with the Rapid Dough and Cake programs. To program dough for a specific recipe, choose a recipe from the recipe section. Plug in the bread maker. Remove the pan and add all the ingredients listed to the pan. Place pan back in machine and close lid. Press the dough pad and the start button. An hour and three minutes later, the machine will beep. Remove the dough and follow directions for completing the recipe.


Step 5

To clean the machines, do not use abrasive cleaners -- only dish washing liquid. Do not immerse bread pan in water. Wipe with wet cloth warm water with soap rinse lightly dry thoroughly. If you remove the blade, wipe with a wet cloth on the outside and dry thoroughly. Do not splash with any water on the blade. Wipe the outside of the machine to keep it clean.


Measure ingredients with clear plastic or glass cups where you can see the numbers clearly. Use measuring spoons that are labeled clearly in metal or plastic. Make sure yeast is not stale or outdated, otherwise it will not rise.


It is recommended to unplug the machine after every use.


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