How to Make a Crown Royal Bag Quilt

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Things You'll Need

  • Sewing machine

  • Scissors

  • Poster board

  • Large safety pins

  • Straight pins

  • Crown Royal bags

  • Batting

  • Backing fabric

  • Purple thread

  • Purple quilting thread

If someone in your family enjoys Crown Royal, you may have wondered what to do with all the nice fabric bags the beverage comes in. A quilt is the perfect answer, but you also can make decorative pillows for smaller projects. You may use the same procedures for both projects.

Step 1

Draw a 4-inch square on poster board and cut it out. This will be your template to cut out your quilt squares. The 4-inch size allows the Crown Royal logo to fit in the center of the quilt square from the front of the bag. Place the template on the front of the bag and mark off around the template. Mark the template on the back of the bag as well. Cut out the two quilt squares. Continue with the same procedure with all of your Crown Royal Bags.


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Step 2

Lay out your squares (blocks) on the floor or on a large table. Alternate between squares with logos and plain squares. Decide on the size of your quilt (or pillow). Pin and sew a strip of quilt squares with a ¼-inch seam. Pin and sew the second strip, which will be placed directly below the first strip when the quilt is put together. If you started the first strip with a logo square, start the second strip with a plain square. Repeat these two strips of quilt squares until you have completed all the rows.

Step 3

Press all the seams to the right, but do not open the seams as you would with a garment. Now, pin and sew the first strip to the second strip, all the way across. Add the third strip to the second strip. Continue in this manner until the quilt top is completed. Press all the seams in a downward manner.


Step 4

Measure the completed quilt top. Purchase quilt batting in the size closest to your quilt measurements. Purchase a cotton fabric for the quilt backing and a purple quilting thread that matches the bag color.

Step 5

Sandwich your quilt pieces. Lay the batting down on the floor or large table. On top add the backing fabric, face up. Now, place the quilt top, face down. Using large safety pins, pin the three layers together starting at the center of the quilt and moving outward to the edges. Cut the batting and backing fabric to match the Crown Royal quilt top, all around the edges. Pin around the quilt edges, leaving an 8-inch opening on one of the sides, and sew a ¼-inch seam. Remove all safety pins and straight pins. Turn the quilt right side out through the opening. Pin the opening shut and sew it by hand.


Step 6

Lay the quilt out flat on the floor or table. Reinsert the safety pins, starting at the center outwards, but avoiding any seams. Adjust the sewing machine stitching to be slightly longer than normal-size stitches. Starting at the center of the quilt, top or bottom, sew in the ditch (seam). Then sew across the center seam, right to left. Complete stitching along seams until they have all been quilted. Remove the safety pins.


If you like, for added decoration, use the cords from the Crown Royal bags. Hand sew them to the outside edges along the seam, all the way around.


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