How to Make Pyramid Crafts

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Things You'll Need

  • Parchment copy paper, standard size

  • Template provided

  • Scissors

  • White glue

  • Pencil or fine-tip marker

  • Thick cardboard, approximately 12 inches x 12 inches or larger

  • 200 sugar cubes

  • Light-brown spray paint

Keops Pyramid

Making pyramid crafts is a lot of fun--they are often used for reinforcing lessons about Egypt and other places around the world. With varied materials, you can create homemade pyramids that are very similar looking to the real thing.


Step 1

Pyramid Template

Print the template provided here onto parchment-colored copy paper. Cut around the dotted lines to make a star shape.

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Step 2

Fold all four flaps down to create a crease on each side of the star shape. Fold on the printed side, so no lines will show on the finished pyramid.

Step 3

Glue each side together to create the pyramid shape. Let this dry for at least one hour before moving on to the next step.


Step 4

Brick Layout

Use a pencil or fine-tip marker to draw bricks onto the pyramid. Do this only after the glue is completely dry. See the picture provided here to get an idea of how to draw lines that look like bricks.


Step 5

Lay the cardboard down on a flat work surface. Make a square with sugar cubes by placing 10 cubes in a row horizontally and 10 cubes down vertically, and then completing the rest of the square shape. Glue each cube down on the cardboard, as well as together, as you give the pyramid a good support.


Step 6

Glue the next layer of sugar cubes, using nine cubes per side on this layer, on top of the square. Bring each cube on this layer in about 1/8 inch. Again, glue the cubes together as you work along.

Step 7

Keep building up the pyramid by using one less cube per row and bringing each layer in 1/8 inch until the pyramid has just one sugar cube on top. Let this dry for at least a few hours before touching or moving.


Step 8

Spray the pyramid with light-brown spray paint to give it the color of a real pyramid. Do this in a well-ventilated room or outside for best effect. Let the paint dry completely before touching.


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