How to Make Rose Petals Out of Frosting

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Things You'll Need

  • Square of waxed paper

  • 2 pastry bags

  • Round and rose pastry tips

  • Flower nail

  • Light rose colored frosting

  • Rubber spatula

Piped roses

Roses are one of the most romantic and beautiful flower decorations and can be used for many occasions such as weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. Rosettes will bring elegance and make a cake appear more professional. This is how to pipe rose petals for cake decorating using a pastry bag and tips.


Step 1

Fill the pastry bags half full with a rubber spatula and twist the bags closed at the top, pressing the frosting towards the tip. To get rid of any air bubbles that may be trapped near the tip, squeeze a bit out of them.

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Step 2

Use the small square of waxed paper to pipe the rose on. It will be transferred to the cake once it has set. Pipe a small dab of frosting onto the flower nail to secure the wax paper to it.


Step 3

Start by using the round pastry tip. Tish Boyle, author of "The Cake Book" recommends using an Ateco #12. Fit this to one bag. The other bag will be used for the rose tip.

Step 4

Hold the bag at a 90-degree angle and pipe a cone about ¾-inch high. Let it firm before piping any petals.


Step 5

Use the other pastry bag with the rose tip for the petals. Tish Boyle, author of "The Cake Book" recommends using an Ateco #101 to #104 for this purpose. Start with the tip at the base of the cone, wide end down. Pipe the first petal around the cone, moving the tip gradually up and then down throughout the making of the petal.


Step 6

Pipe the next petal slightly overlapping the first. You will have to rotate the nail as you are making these petals.

Step 7

Pipe a third petal slightly overlapping the second. This should complete the first layer of petals.


Step 8

Begin the second layer of petals slightly inside the first layer. Position the narrow end of the tip out at a 45-degree angle to the flower's cone. Make three petals in side the first layer.

Step 9

Pipe a third trio of petals inside the second layer, angling the narrow end of the tip at about 15 degrees to the flower's center cone.


Step 10

Pipe a fourth layer of petals to complete the rose. These will be the smallest petals and will be nearly vertical alongside the cone. You may need to make three or four final petals depending on the space you have. If you are using buttercream then place the rose in the refrigerator to help it firm up.

Step 11

Practice as many times as you need. It can be difficult to make the perfect rose. This is why you make it on wax paper first.


Fill a third bag with light green frosting if you want to create leaves. These are far easier. Simply use a leaf tip (an Ateco #65 to #70) and squeeze the bag of frosting until you have a fan the width of the base of the leaf, then slowly pull away, zigzagging and releasing pressure until you end it at a point.


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