How to Find A Four Leaf Clover

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Find A Four Leaf Clover

Finding a four leaf clover might seem like such a difficult thing to do. After all, there is only one mutation of the four leaf clover for every 10,000 clovers. However, learn how you can find a four leaf clover, and realize that getting lucky isn't as hard you thought it'd be.


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Step 1

Four leaf clovers are caused by a genetic mutation of the usually three leaf clover. These mutations can be due to a low frequency recessive gene or other environmental causes. The cool thing is that this mutation does not stop at the four leaf clovers. It is possible for a five leafed clover. However, the more leaflets, the more difficult it is to find.

Step 2

First off, find a nice, big patch of clovers. This should be easy if you live near a big park or even in your lawn. Do not get on your knees scrambling to look for a four leaf clover. Instead, look for patterns from a standing height over the entire patch of clovers. Any mutated clover will stsand out like a sore thumb.


Step 3

Clover mutations are more common in the summer than in the spring, and some places just favor more mutations over other areas. If you find a mutated clover, chances are there will be more near the vicinity.

Step 4

For those who do not know the four leaf clover, the shamrock has four leaflets. Most of the mutants have three leaf stems in which one of them is split into two leaves.

Step 5

5,6,7, and so on - leaf clovers are more rarer the more leaflets they have, but they really stick out from the rest of the crowd. These should definitely be easiest to stop yet the hardest to find about the crowds of clovers.