How to Make a Double-Sided Fleece Blanket

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Things You'll Need

  • Sewing machine

  • Pins

  • Thread

  • Fleece fabric

  • Scissors

Make a Double-Sided Fleece Blanket

Fleece is soft, warm and inviting. A double-sided fleece blanket can be made for and appreciated by almost anyone, a baby, child, teen, adult or elderly person. There are so many patterns of fleece that it's not difficult to find colors and designs that match every occasion and every room. Best of all, it's a simple project that can be mastered by anyone with just basic sewing skills.


Step 1

Determine the size of your double-sided fleece blanket. Fleece fabric ordinarily comes 60-inches wide. However, occasionally it can be found at 72-inches wide. For larger blankets the fabric may need to be pieced. Here are basic blanket sizes for guidelines: Crib or throw: 45X60 inches Twin: 66X90 inches Double: 80X90 inches Queen: 90X90 (up to 100) inches * King: 108X90 (up to 100) inches

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Purchase two lengths of fleece fabric for the desired size blanket. Each side may be the same or different fabric.

Step 2

Place both lengths of fleece fabric right sides together and pin around all the edges. Sew a 5/8-inch seam, leaving a 6-inch opening in the center of one side. Remove pins and turn the blanket right side out. Make sure all four corners are pushed out to a soft point.


Step 3

Fold in the open edge to match the seam allowance to the right and left of it. Pin the opening together and hand sew it shut.

Step 4

Stitch all around the blanket with a slightly wider stitch than for regular sewing. Aim for ½-inch from the outside edges.


Around the country groups of people have begun making blankets for hospital patients. They are basically the crib/throw size. They give much needed comfort to anxious patients. The double-sided fleece blanket would be an excellent and easily made gift for this purpose. Join agencies like Project Linus or get a group of sewers together and then contact your local hospital for details on how to handle the operation. Don't forget our military men and women and veterans in hospitals. February 21st is "Make a Blanket Day."


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