How to Make Silver Bracelets

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Things You'll Need

  • Sterling silver sheet metal

  • Hammer(s)

  • Stamps

  • Steel block

  • File

  • Mandrel

The possibilities are endless once you have mastered the technique for making this easy stamped silver cuff bracelet. Using only a few simple tools, you can turn a plain piece of sterling silver sheet metal into a stunning bracelet that will wow your friends.

Step 1

Purchase, or cut, a piece of 18-gauge sterling silver sheet metal 3/4 inch wide by 7 inches long.


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Step 2

File the edges of the metal until they are very smooth.

Step 3

Place the sheet metal on a steel block. Using a ball peen hammer, stamp the letters with your design or message on the bracelet.

Step 4

Form over bracelet mandrel using a plastic or rawhide mallet until you like the shape and it looks and feels like a bracelet. Using a plastic or rawhide mallet prevents you from marring the metal.

Step 5

Using the ball end of a ball peen hammer or a bordering hammer, hammer the top edge of the bracelet to texture and thicken the metal. In addition to adding a nice decorative detail to your bracelet, hammering the edges of the bracelet will "harden" the metal so it will not lose shape when worn.

Step 6

Turn the bracelet over and repeat for the bottom edge. File again to smooth if needed. Reshape over mandrel if needed.


While this design is in sterling silver, any sheet metal -- including copper, brass, nickel silver, gold fill and gold -- can be used.

If you do not have a bracelet mandrel, many common household items can be used in substitution. Pipes come in a variety of sizes and can be used to form curves needed to make a bracelet. Many large shampoo bottles are shaped like a bracelet mandrel. These bottles can be filled with sand, dirt or cement and used for shaping.

Inexpensive ball peen and plastic hammers and letter/number stamping sets can be found in many sizes at the hardware store.

To make a smaller bracelet, reduce the length of the sheet metal. To make a larger bracelet, increase the length of the sheet metal. For example, to create a bracelet for a teenager or small woman, reduce the length of the sheet metal to 6 inches in length.


Be sure to take your time when filing the metal smooth. Jagged edges are not comfortable or safe to wear.


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