How to Make a Sailor's Knot Bracelet

There's no need to be out at sea to get away with wearing a sailor's knot bracelet! Learn how to DIY one here.

Making your own sailor's knot bracelet is simpler than you may think. (Image: Marisa Lynch)

Things You'll Need

  • Cotton twine

  • A round object like a Mason jar/can/bottle

  • Scissors

  • Fray Check or clear nail polish

Project Steps

Step 1

Project materials. (Image: Marisa Lynch)

In order to create your Sailor's Knot bracelet, you'll need: cotton twine (at least 3 yds), a round object to put the bracelet around – Mason jar, can, bottle, anything circular with a similar circumference to your wrist, scissors, and Fray Check or clear nail polish. Please see the last slide for an itemized list of tools and materials.

Step 2

X marks the spot. (Image: Marisa Lynch)

Trim 3 yards of twine and wrap this around your rounded object forming an X. Keep a few inches (I kept 5") at the end as this will be where you secure the ends of the bracelet together.

Step 3

Weaving over, under, then over. (Image: Marisa Lynch)

Using the longer, working end of the twine, wrap it around your circular object and weave it over the bottom right piece of twine, then under the top right piece of twine, and then over the top left piece of twine.

Step 4

Pull the twine through. (Image: Marisa Lynch)

Pull the longer, working end of the twine back through the opening made in the center to the right.

Step 5

Rotate and string through on the right side. (Image: Marisa Lynch)

Rotate the rounded object a smidge to see another X shape formed and push the longer, working end of the twine under the right upper portion of twine and pull the end through.

Step 6

One full rotation (Image: Marisa Lynch)

Continue repeating these steps until you make your way back around to where you started, having finished a braid with three strands.

Step 7

Three strands completed (Image: Marisa Lynch)

Take the longer, working end and follow the original strand weaving in and out, all the way around to the start point. Follow this step two more times to make a braid with three strands.

Step 8

Knot in the back (Image: Marisa Lynch)

To finish the bracelet, cut the longer, working end of the twine and then tie each end together twice on the inside of the bracelet. (A square knot works best – tie right over left then right over left)

Step 9

Coat edges with Fray Check (Image: Marisa Lynch)

Add Fray Check or clear nail polish to the ends of the twine to avoid fraying and then weave them back into the flow of the bracelet.