How to Wash Black Jeans So They Don't Fade

Black jeans look awesome when brand new. They have a slimming effect and appear more dressy than regular blue jeans. With a few basic steps you can keep those new jeans looking new without fading the color.

Wash Black Jeans So They Don't Fade

Step 1

Choose a good quality laundry detergent. Use one without bleach added and made specifically for dark clothes.

Step 2

Turn jeans inside out. Wash in cold water instead of warm. Use the shortest wash cycle and preferably the gentle cycle.

Step 3

Dry jeans on a clothes line instead of in the dryer. If necessary put in the dryer on lowest setting when damp dry; this keeps the jeans from becoming too stiff.

Step 4

Use black powder clothes dye in the wash to keep the color looking fresh. Add to the wash once a month or as needed. Clothes dye is available at fabric stores and most retail stores.


Do not hang jeans in sunlight to dry.